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Women's Multivitamin - More Than Just A Great Taste

With over 10 key nutrients, find out how each ingredient plays a part in supporting your overall health!*

Nature's Bounty® Optimal Solutions® Women’s Multivitamin was designed by women; for women. We know that women have certain needs when it comes to nutrition, and our multivitamin does not disappoint. 

  • Vitamin A - Vitamin A assists in many aspects of good health, including contributing to skin and immune function.*
  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C provides potent antioxidant support and plays an important role in supporting immune function.* Vitamin C is also beneficial for the joints, heart, blood vessels, gums, skin, hair and nails.*
  • Vitamin D - Vitamin D helps maintain strong bones and teeth, and provide support for immune and neuromuscular health.*
  • Vitamin E - Vitamin E is an essential nutrient crucial for good health that helps to support immune function and contributes to heart and circulatory wellness.*
  • Vitamin B-6 - B-6 contributes to carbohydrate and protein metabolism, while promoting the production of red blood cells.*
  • Folic Acid - Folic Acid supports heart health and is important for women’s health.*
  • Vitamin B-12 - The B vitamins play a role in energy support by converting food into energy*
  • Biotin - Biotin assists with energy metabolism and is important for healthy skin, hair and nails.*
  • Calcium - Calcium, the primary mineral responsible for strong, healthy bones.*
  • Iodine - Iodine provides thyroid support.*
  • Zinc - Zinc is involved in the synthesis of collagen in bone tissue.*
  • Collagen - Collagen is a natural source of amino acids.

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