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Uses of Coconut Oil

We don’t know why, but there’s something about products that can multitask that make us incredibly happy.

From your hair to your toes, there are endless beauty options. However, it isn't necessary to have million separate lotions, cleansers and creams filling your cabinets. There is one simple solution to cover many of your beauty needs – coconut oil. The perfect natural replacement, this versatile beauty aid has endless possibilities.

Moisturizer – This natural oil is one of the best moisturizing treatments out there. Use it for all over for full-body softness with a light, tropical scent, or focus on trouble spots like your elbows and hands to help moisturize rough, dry areas.

Shaving cream – When shaving, it's important to provide a barrier that moisturizes and also helps the razor glide smoothly over your skin. Coconut oil does this well, leaving a close shave and silky smooth skin.

Hair mask – A deep conditioning treatment from time to time will do wonders to help soften and smooth damaged hair. Massage some coconut oil into your strands then let it sit for a few hours for a brilliant, healthy shine.

Eye cream – The skin around your eyes needs extra care. Coconut oil provides moisture in a natural form that you won't be afraid to place in such a sensitive area.

Makeup remover – Coconut oil is a perfect way to remove your makeup. It can get rid of waterproof makeup while also cleansing and moisturizing skin.

Lip balm – Smooth some coconut oil on your lips as a great-tasting way to get moisture and shine.

Cuticle cream –Rub a bit of coconut oil into your cuticles and nail beds daily for soft, manicure-ready hands.

Body scrub – For an easy, natural exfoliator, mix a bit of brown sugar into coconut oil and you can moisturize while gently scrubbing your dull, dead skin away.

With Optimal Solutions® Organic Coconut Oil you are getting the same, if not better, results than other lotions and creams, without the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

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