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surprising benefits of probiotics

Surprising Benefits of Probiotics

There are several surprising benefits to taking a probiotic supplement.*
Wherever life takes you, you’re always Better off Healthy. It’s possible to proactively support your digestive health by incorporating probiotics into your daily supplement routine.* Probiotics are microorganisms that assist your body’s natural digestion process.* However, aside from supporting gastrointestinal function, there are several surprising benefits to taking a probiotic supplement.* 

Benefit #1-  Support During Stress
When your body is under a ton of stress, it can alter the mixture of bacteria found in your digestive tract. With probiotics, you can help to increase “good bacteria” and promote a healthy digestive tract which is helpful, especially during times of stress.*.

Benefit #2- Immune Support
Probiotics keep your digestive system healthy and contribute to your body’s immune function.*  A large percentage of the body’s immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract.

Benefit #3-Reduce Bloating
It’s not uncommon for certain foods to cause bloating. One way to reduce the occasional feeling of gas or fullness is to take a probiotic supplement daily to support abdominal comfort and beat the bloat.*

Benefit #4-  Overall Wellness
Probiotics work to assist your body’s ability to digest food and supports a favorable environment for the absorption of nutrients to help you feel your best.* 

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