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Show Your Skin Some Extra Love This Season

The winter months can be harsh on your delicate skin. Take these proactive measures to keep it looking and feeling healthy all season long.

Skin care is usually something people think about in the summer when it's warm and more of it is on show. Sunscreen and oil-free moisturizers become your best friend. However, you should make sure you're also paying close attention to your skin in the middle of the winter! Colder weather, drying indoor heat, the lack of moisture in the air can lead to skin that's dry, and uncomfortable. Make sure to set aside some time to give your winter skin some TLC too! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep a healthy, beautiful complexion all winter long.

  • Moisturize Daily
    Moisturizing your skin daily is crucial for keeping skin hydrated. Since there are several external factors working against you during the winter months such as wind and dehydrating heat, choosing the right lotion is important. Oil-based moisturizers tend to help your skin retain moisture better than water-based formulas do, making them a better choice for cracked/dry skin. For added benefits, slather it on directly after your shower while your skin is still damp.

  • Lower Your Water Temperature
    While it's tempting to turn up the heat while you bathe or shower, water that's too hot can strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and dehydrated. As a solution, try to either keep the water temperature lukewarm, or shorten the length of your shower.

  • Bundle Up
    When your skin is directly exposed to wintry gusts of wind, it can make your skin feel more uncomfortable. Before you venture out into the cold, be sure to bundle up! Hats, scarves, gloves, and jackets should be worn as a protective measure for your delicate skin. 

  • Invest in an Air Humidifier
    Huddling around your portable heater is heavenly when your fingers are chilly . However, indoor heating systems often rob the air of moisture which can result in dry skin. Investing in an air humidifier is a great way to add that moisture back into the air, keeping your skin a little more hydrated.

  • Use Organic Coconut Oil:
    Coconut oil is one of the most versatile products you can keep in your cabinet. Aside from its health benefits, the natural substance can also be used for a variety of beauty purposes, including dry skin support. From eye cream and homemade body butter to dabbing some on your lips to keep them hydrated, Optimal Solutions® Organic Coconut Oil should be a beauty staple for every woman this winter.

  • Don't Skip the Sunscreen:
    Just because the sun isn't warm during the winter months doesn't mean it's lost its power. While most people think the only time slather on the sunscreen is during the summer, protecting your skin from harsh UV rays should be a priority year-round. If you know you'll be spending time outdoors, you're better off putting on the SPF and keeping your skin protected.

  • Try Nature's Bounty® Hair, Skin & Nails
    Aside from the measures you can take to support your skin externally, At Nature's Bounty®, we truly believe that beauty starts from within.* Our Hair, Skin & Nail Gummies and Softgels contain vital nutrients including vitamins C & E to contribute to skin health and to assist with the production of collagen.* If you're ready to give it a try, you can sign up for our Hair, Skin & Nails Challenge today. Get all the details here:  

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