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Premium Superior Quality Fish Oil

You work hard to take good care of yourself – so when it comes to getting your fish oil from a trustworthy source, let Nature’s Bounty take care of you!

We source select fish oils in an ecologically friendly way, directly from Peru – just look for the Pure-Catch™ logo on out labels. We go to Peru because the Peruvian government has strict standards and governance on their surrounding waterways, to properly ensure the protection of the fish. Since Peruvian fisheries yield to spawning during the summer and winter seasons, fish are vital resources for Peru that they value greatly, and go above and beyond to protect. The fisheries in Peru also comply with stringent quality regulations, which ensure that we, at Nature’s Bounty, can deliver premium quality Omega-3 Fish Oil to our customers.

You can trust that when we source our ingredients, we do our best to maintain the conservation of marine living resources. The Marine Research Institute (IMARPE), a recognized world-class authority, works with the Peruvian government to manage the controls of fish stock along their waterways. Small, effective fleets are used in the fishing process; and no facility is allowed to receive fish from vessels without a valid license. All catches in Peru are carefully reviewed to meet rigorous quality checks. That’s how we know for sure that our ingredients are the purest, freshest, and most ecologically sourced.

Our Peruvian fish oil, is a premium, superior-quality fish oil for you and your family. Our trademarked Peruvian fish oil, Pure-Catch™ is a premium, superior-quality fish oil for you and your family.

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