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Introducing Nature's Bounty Rewards - Sign Up Today!

Enhance your wellness experience and sign up for the new Nature’s Bounty® Rewards Program today!
Health-conscious individuals have trusted Nature’s Bounty® products for decades. As a result of our commitment to quality, consistency, and scientific research, we have gained loyal customers who are dedicated to being their healthy best. As a way to say thank you to our faithful consumers, we have created a brand new loyalty program.

If you’re already taking measures to lead a healthier lifestyle, you deserve to be rewarded…don’t you agree? With our new Nature’s Bounty® Rewards Program, you’ll have the opportunity to earn points that will unlock promotions, free product samples and exclusive offers from our wellness partners. As an added bonus, when you sign up today you’ll receive 10 points and a free sweepstakes entry to win an all-inclusive trip to Enchantment Resort & Spa in Sedona, Arizona.

How to Start:
Signing up for our loyalty program is quick, simple and fun. If you haven’t already, head to and fill out the form with your contact information. Additionally, you will be asked which health category you are most interested in so that you can receive personalized content.

How to Earn:
Once you sign up, you’ll receive your first 10 points along with one sweepstakes entry. After you join the program, there are several ways to earn more points. Some ways you can do so are by tweeting @NaturesBounty, purchasing product and entering your product code (from your label), reading articles, referring a friend or entering your promo code. Every time you complete one of these fun activities with Nature’s Bounty, you will be rewarded with points. 

If you are highly engaged in our loyalty program, you will receive more lucrative rewards for being amongst our most dedicated customers. The White Rewards level can be reached after accumulating 100 points. The Green Rewards level occurs once you accumulate 200 points and the Gold Rewards level can be reached after accumulating 400 points. With Gold Rewards being the most elite level, you’ll receive exclusive offers that the other levels do not.

How to Unlock:
Depending on your number of points and your reward level, you’ll receive unique offers from top health and wellness partners. At the White Rewards level, you’ll receive a sweeps entry, Nature’s Bounty Coupon and 20% off your purchase at Spa Week. At the Green Rewards level, you’ll obtain the coupon and sweeps entry along with a free product sample and 30% off at Homedics. If you reach the Gold Rewards Program, you’ll receive the Nature’s Bounty Coupon, sweeps entry, $40 off your HelloFresh purchase and two free shipments from Graze Snacking.

Enhance your wellness experience and sign up for the new Nature’s Bounty® Rewards Program today! 

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