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Beauty Resolutions for 2018 Large

Beauty Resolutions For 2018

The key to making new year’s resolutions stick is to set small, specific goals. Here are some ways to improve your beauty routine in 2018.

Ready to make 2018 your best year yet? If gorgeous hair, skin, and nails top your new year’s resolutions list, we’ve got you covered. Freshen up your beauty routine in 2018 with these healthy habits.

  • #1 – Resolve to Break-Up with Old Makeup
    Let’s face it; parting ways with your favorite mascara can feel like a bad breakup. However, if you’re someone who holds on to old cosmetics a little longer than you should, learning to let go is great goal to have in the new year. Aside from the fact that beauty products can expire, the number of germs they collect over time can cause breakouts and infections. Sort through your stash and ditch anything that’s been around for 6 months or longer.

  • #2- Resolve to Clean Your Makeup Brushes 
    Keep it clean in 2018! After daily dipping and dabbing, your makeup brushes need to be cleaned on a consistent basis in order to keep your skin as healthy as possible. Other than the buildup of product that gets stuck to the bristles, dirt and bacteria can get trapped within your brushes and passed onto your face. If you typically forget to give them a good cleansing, set a reminder on your phone and resolve to clean those makeup applicators once a week.

  • #3- Resolve to Get More Beauty Sleep
    There are so many reasons why you should get more sleep in the new year, and several of them are related to beauty. Not getting enough sleep at night may have some potential negative impacts on your skin. Try setting an alarm on your phone for when it’s time to go to bed, and gradually get into the routine of hitting-the-hay earlier and earlier. Before you know it, you’ll be a Sleeping Beauty! 

  • #4- Resolve Drink More Water
    Drinking more water is the simplest way to make a positive change in the new year. With so many benefits to offer, sipping on some H2O will support your overall health while helping you look and feel your best. Its hydrating properties are great for your hair, skin, and nails.

  • #5- Resolve to Ditch Bad Habits
    Whether you bite your nails or pick at your skin, we all have unhealthy habits that we can ditch in the upcoming year. Figure out which beauty faux-pas you’re guilty of, and try your best to nix the issue. The first few days will be the hardest, but it only takes 21 days for a new habit to form!

  • #6- Resolve to Go Natural
    While it looks amazing after you spritz, straighten, and style your strands, sometimes your locks need a break from it all. This year, embrace your natural mane and let your hair air dry as often as possible. Over time, the heat from various styling tools can cause damage, dryness, and split ends. Keep your hair protected by limiting hot tools to a few times per week, and always using a heat-protection serum.

  • #7- Resolve to Wash Your Face Before Bed
    If you’re guilty of going to bed with a full face of makeup, this should be the 1st resolution you make in 2018. To keep your skin healthy and complexion clear, it’s crucial to develop a nighttime skincare routine, starting with makeup remover wipes. Foundations, powders, and everything in between can clog your pores and can result in break-outs. Once you get in the habit of never sleeping in your makeup, find out what your problem areas are and resolve to create a proper skincare routine.

  • #8- Resolve to Eat Healthier
    There are several nutrients that work to support inner health and beauty. For example, healthy fats like avocado, salmon, and almonds support gorgeous hair, skin, and nails. Swap sugary junk food for natural, nutritious meals and you’ll notice the difference.

  • #9- Resolve to Take Beauty Vitamins
    If you want to look and feel your best in 2018, it's important to support your beauty from within.* In addition to a implementing a healthy diet, you can supplement your body with key nutrients found in Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails. This  innovative formula contains antioxidants Vitamin E and Vitamin C and also help to support vibrant skin and healthy nails, and biotin to support lustrous locks.* Did we mention they come in delicious, strawberry-flavored gummies? Remembering to take two per day won't be hard since they taste so good. We also offer Extra Strength, Argan Oil infused softgels that contain Hylauronic Acid to give your skin some extra support.*
  • #10- Resolve to Take the Nature’s Bounty Challenge
    No matter what your ultimate goals are for 2018, we hope you'll resolve to challenge yourself and try new things. The best way to change your habits is to be consistent and make a plan. To help you get started, we invite you to take the Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Challenge. All you have to do is purchase any bottle of Hair, Skin & Nails, sign up online, and take the product for 30 days. If you're not satisfied with the results, you'll get a full refund! Aside from the fact that you'll look and feel great, you'll also be entered to win some awesome prizes. Plus, after completing 30 days and forming new healthy habits, you'll realize how attainable your other resolutions can be if you just have a plan.

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