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5 makeup tips for ageless eye

5 Makeup Tips for Ageless Eyes

Paired with our Ageless Eye Advanced Verisol Collagen, these must-have makeup tips will have you feeling positively ageless!

1. Less is more!
When applying under your eyes, use a thin layer of makeup. Thick makeup layers will accentuate problem areas, making them appear darker and deeper. 

5 makeup tips for ageless eyes

2. Concealer Can be Your Best Friend
Before you apply your foundation, use a cream concealer to moisturize under the eye. A concealer with a white or yellow base is best to cover the imperfections under your eyes.

5 makeup tips for ageless eyes

3. Pick The Right Foundation
The right shade of foundation goes a long way to helping you attain a more flawless complexion!  

5 makeup tips for ageless eyes

4. Apply a Lightweight Powder
A light powder can lock in your foundation and add to a flawless finish! Try to use a brush for a light, even distribution of powder, and don’t forget, less is more!

5 makeup tips for ageless eyes

5. Stay Away From Shimmery Eye Makeup
Opt for a powder eye shadow in a matte shade to camouflage imperfections.  Powder eye shadow helps achieve a youthful glow, while also adding a smooth, natural look.

5 makeup tips for ageless eyes

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