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2018 Beauty Looks to Keep an Eye Out For

Be ahead of the game with the hottest hair, skin & nail styles in 2018 that will be making a statement this year.
Let your inner beauty sparkle and shine as brightly as the dress you wore on New Year’s Eve, because 2018 is all about YOU. Whether you want to step outside of your comfort zone and rock a new hair color or keep it simple with some subtle makeup swaps, this year is dedicated to celebrating unique and diverse beauty. No matter how you decide to express yourself, here’s an inside look at what’s hot for 2018.

Bold Eye Makeup
If you really want to make a statement this year, it’s time to break out the brightest, boldest eye shadows you can find. From hot pinks to neon yellows, 2018 will be chockfull of colorful cosmetics. But that’s not all; the classic cat eye is getting a unique makeover this year, too. Be on the lookout for rounded eyeliner looks instead of straight winged liner.

Silver Strands
The Mother of Dragons may be the inspiration for this hot hair color in 2018 but we’re digging it. Silver strands have become increasingly popular and have already been spotted on stars like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. If you’re a blonde, you can add a few streaks of silver to your hair to ease your way into the style, or go full force into trying something new. For all the ladies who are worried about going gray, embrace your natural beauty and let your silvery locks shine through! You’ll look effortlessly stylish without needing to keep up with the color so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Floral Hair Accessories
Do you remember sporting your flower headbands as a little girl and feeling like the most fashionable lady in the room? Well, hopefully you hung onto a few of them because floral hair accessories are making a comeback. From synthetic roses to blended baby’s breath braids, this versatile look can be as fun, elegant, or quirky as you make it. 

Gorgeous Hair, Skin, & Nails
While many beauty fads fizzle out over time, the one thing that never goes out of style is a having gorgeous hair, skin, and nails. After all, expressing yourself in unique ways wouldn’t be possible without a healthy foundation! Nature’s Bounty® Hair Skin & Nails supplements contain key vitamins and nutrients to support your inner beauty from the inside out.* 

Would you try any of these hot beauty looks in 2018 or do you you prefer to keep things simple? Head to our social media pages to weigh in.

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